Executive Team

KONTRA was established in 2013 to help American companies getting better access to Fire Retardant and Arc Rated certified Uniforms at competitive prices.  KONTRA will deliver your certified Uniforms in compliance with industry standards, complete with all your company’s logos – with estimated savings of 30%-40%…


Henrik Andersen, CEO



Henrik Andersen is the company’s co-founder and CEO. He has a solid background in the garment industry, with a 30-year track record serving garment businesses in Europe, Asia and the Americas.  He has held managing positions in European fashion and trading houses and has established several companies globally, including sourcing companies in Europe and Asia.

Soren Nielsen, CFO



Soren Nielsen is the company’s co-founder and CFO. He has a financial background and more than 30 years of entrepreneurial experience globally.  He has worked in the US wind Industry since 2001, including four years as Sales Manager for Vestas-Americas, followed by more than a decade of successfully developing wind energy projects in Texas and Oklahoma as co-founder and manager of Novus Windpower and Distributed Wind Systems.