E.ON (TX, U.S.A.)

Eon UniformEon Back Uniform

E.ON Energy Services install, operate and maintain Wind Turbines, and Solar Plants in the U.S.A.
KONTRA was chosen to be the supplier of their new Uniforms for the company´s field technicians across U.S.A.
KONTRA designed a T-shirt with a big logo at the back, which together with our unique designed pants, is the daily year-around Uniforms for their technicians.
All garments comply with NFPA70E, NFPA2112 and are Arc Rated according to OSHA Rules.
For winter all their technicians will add our signature insulated jacket with detachable hood and exit point for harness line.

Eon Logo
E.ON, TX, U.S.A. www.eoncrna.com/