Q & A / Good to know

Cleaning and Laundering:
Q: Can KONTRA Uniforms be home laundered?
A: Yes.  Simply follow the laundering instructions inside the Uniform. No special detergent is required.  See also below.
Q: Can the FR treatment be washed out?
A: No, the FR and Arc Rating will remain, for the Uniforms whole lifespan (Tested at 200 cycles laundry).
Q: What happens, if I wash my Uniforms and use fabric softener?
A: Nothing happens.  Fabric softener does not damage the FR and Arc Rating.  It is a widely common myth.  The Worlds Leading company for Arc Flash tests, ArcWear has done several studies and the myth that fabric softener damages the FR treatment has been proven incorrect. http://www.kontra-llc.com/laundering-of-fr-and-arc-rated-uniforms/
Q: Can I use Bleach/Chlorine on my Uniforms?
A: No! Bleach/Chlorine will not only damage the color of your Uniforms, but it will also degrade the FR capabilities of your Uniforms. http://www.kontra-llc.com/laundering-of-fr-and-arc-rated-uniforms/
Q: Can FR Uniforms be dry cleaned?
A: Yes.  Dry cleaning will not damage the FR and Arc Rating.
Maintaining and Logos:
Q: I tore a hole in my Uniform, how can I repair it?
A: KONTRA recommends that you do not get it repaired.  To comply with the Rules of FR Uniforms, sewing threads and patches must also be FR.  Ask your employer to change the defected Uniform right away.
Q: I need to have my pants shortened, is it OK if the hem thread is not FR?
A: Yes, that would be OK.  In the bigger picture – a hem stitching discussion is nitpicking.  See also the Q&A for embroideries.
Q: How about Logo Embroidery Stitching’s.  Shall they be made with FR Thread?
A: None of the current regulations governing the use of FR clothing specifically require the use of FR thread for embroidery applications. Embroideries applied to Uniforms by 3rd parties, will often be made with Non-FR thread simply because FR thread is available in a limited number of colors.  The Appendix to ASTM F1506-10a, X.1.2.5, specifically mention: “Logos, name tags, and other heraldry, such as flag patches and company award insignia’s, are used to identify the organization and individual. If these items are constructed of non-flame resistant materials (such as polyester or rayon), their overall area should be minimized on the garment”.
  1. For embroidered logos (made of FR or Non-FR embroidery thread) and screen prints, ArcWear, the leading expert within testing of materials and accident investigations has performed 165 accident investigations pertaining embroidered FR Uniforms and they are not aware for any  ignition issues, but there is a risk of burn due to a moisture (sweat) build-up behind them.
  2. Consequently, logos are recommended to be smaller in size (less than 16 sq.in for a single logo and less than 40 sq.in for a whole garment).
KONTRA recommends as best practice; FR Embroideries manufactured by KONTRA.
Q: My T-Shirt has a Logo that is printed, is that OK?
A: There is currently no regulations in place, however ASTM F1506 is expected soon to be updated and provide guidelines for printed Logos. It is expected that the update will include a size restriction for NON-FR applications/prints to 16 sq.in. for individual prints or max of 40 sq.in in a total garment. According to the leading expert of FR and Arc Rating tests; ArcWear, there have been no ignition issues with screen prints/Logos, but there is a risk of burn due to a buildup of moisture (sweat) behind those Logos.


Q: My pants wash and care-label indicates that the material contains nylon.  How can it be FR?
A: The pant material is 88% Cotton and 12% Nylon.  It’s a very small amount of nylon blended or woven tightly on the inside of FR Cotton Fabric.  The combination produces an excellent material for maximum durability and protection, and it is more soft and comfortable than 100% cotton.  The Nylon additionally helps to keep the shape of the material.
Q: How much will the KONTRA Uniforms shrink during washing?
A: KONTRA only use premium materials, and the shrinkage is tested for each lot of materials prior to production. KONTRA’s materials and Uniforms is shrinking less than most competitors Uniforms.  As a guidance; our pants shrinks 1% after 5 times laundering.  That is as little as 1/3 inch.
Q: What is the difference between HRC/PPE/CAT/ARC labeling identification on the Uniforms?
A: The term Hazard Risk Category (HRC) was changed to PPE Category.  Some companies are labeling their Uniforms with either PPE, ARC or CAT.  There are no specific requirements to include the category identification on the Uniforms. KONTRA uses PPE and CAT to define the Risk Category (i.e. PPE2 or CAT2).
Q: Can I use mosquito/bug repellent spray on myself and/or the FR Uniforms?
A: Some products is OK to use, while others are not.  It all comes down to the individual product.  Look for an insect repellent that is non-flammable, and does not contain DEET.  Permethrin can be used on the Uniforms.  It is important to note that permethrin is recommended for use on clothing only and not for use on skin.