TenCate Coolderm™ (Made in U.S.A.) materials

KONTRA can now produce your Uniforms using TenCate Coolderm™ Technology materials.




TenCate materials, from fiber to finished fabric, are produced in Georgia, U.S.A.
Benefits using TenCate Coolderm™ Technology:
  • Inherently FR: The FR protection will never wash or wear out.
  • Active Moisture Wicking: When the sweat occurs, the fabric pulls it away from the body and spreads it throughout the fabric to a wider area in order to dry faster.
  • Evaporative Cooling Effect: As moisture evaporates in hotter climates, the body is cooled. In cold weather, the fabric dries to regulate body temperature.
  • Lightweight: TenCate Coolderm Materials are soft and lightweight, perfect for warm climate.
  • Meets the CAT2 specifications – ATPV Value ≥8.0 (cal/cm2).
  • Hypoallergenic: Fabrics with TenCate Coolderm™ Technology do not include chemicals to irritate the skin.

     Tencate is the leading provider of inherent FR fabrics to the world.